Small Business Champions

Hesperia BillboardSmall businesses, chambers of commerce, and tourism organizations in the California desert support the Mojave Trails, Sand to Snow, and Castle Mountains national monuments because of the benefits to the economy and quality of life that these protected public lands provide to San Bernardino and Riverside counties.

The desert business community is committed to these places, maintaining their full protection, and sharing the benefits of the monuments with all Americans and future generations.

How Desert Businesses Support OUR Monuments

– Over 110 businesses signed this letter opposing any changes to our three California desert monuments.
– The 29 Palms Inn, Joshua Gateway Communities, Twentynine Palms Tourism Business Improvement District, and Morongo Valley Chamber of Commerce launched three billboards and a series of banners.


  • 29 Palms Inn

    Joshua National Park was a monument before it was a park. Now that we have these new monuments in the desert, there is so much more opportunity for visitors to explore. – Jane Smith, Co-owner, 29 Palms Inn in 29 Palms.

  • Cactus Mart, Morongo Valley

    We are surrounded by the Sand to Snow National Monument. We’ve definitely seen an increase in tourism and hikers, so we’re very fortunate for that. A lot of people come in after their hikes and they’re always looking for the plants they see on the trails. – Nicole Holland, owner of Cactus Mart in Morongo Valley

  • Joshua Tree Coffee Company

    If it weren’t for the monuments, I don’t think we’d have a fraction of the business that we do. It’s incredibly important to our community and to all the local businesses.” – Royce Robertson, owner of Joshua Tree Coffee Company in Joshua Tree.

  • Joshua Tree Excursions

    Year after year, we’ve seen a 20 percent increase in business, just our business, and that doesn’t include all of the peripheral businesses that we witness springing up. – Kelly Crawford: CEO of Joshua Tree Excursions in Joshua Tree.

  • Mojave Moon Cafe & Dessert Lounge, 29 Palms

    I’m proud to present the opening of Mojave Moon Café and Dessert Lounge in 29 Palms. Without these national lands and monuments, none of this would have been possible. – Hamilton Lewis, owner of Mojave Moon Café and Dessert Lounge in 29 Palms.

  • Rimrock Ranch, Pioneertown

    It’s also really exciting that, economically, this is the beginning. Since about 2016 [when the monuments were established], we’ve really quadrupled the existing business. We’re seeing a direct benefit as a business. – Eric Dean and Gwen Barker, co-owners of Rimrock Ranch in Pioneertown.

  • Two Guys Pies, Yucca Valley

    Since the establishment of the national monuments in 2016, we have definitely seen an increase in customer traffic.
    – James Brier, Managing Partner, Two Guys Pies in Yucca Valley.

“Efforts to eliminate or shrink national monuments will hurt economies like ours by effectively stripping us of an important economic engine.”

Click here to read the op-ed by 29 Palms Inn employee, Pat Flanagan.