The Mecca Hills Moonlight Hike will be an easy, causal hike for all ages into the Mecca Hills Wilderness, which is part of the National Conservation Lands, in the Coachella Valley. Aimed at introducing the Latino community in the Eastern Coachella Valley to the spectacular public lands in their backyard and build awareness of the National Conservation Lands, the hike will also celebrate the Latino community’s cultural connection to the environment and its role in helping to permanently protect Sand to Snow and Mojave Trails National Monuments. Hikers will learn more about their role as stewards of these public lands, experience three minutes of total silence, and search for nocturnal critters under blacklight!

The Mecca Hills Wilderness Area is one of the most unusual and beautiful geological sites in the world, forged by the tectonic shifts of the San Andreas fault. It includes narrow steep-walled canyons that wind and create a natural maze. The area is breathtaking in the day and will be undoubtedly magical bathed in moonlight!

This event is co-hosted by the Council of Mexican FederationsPor La CreacionMojave Desert Land Trust, and Conservation Lands Foundation.