This Spanish-language, interactive workshop will take participants on a plant and bird identification walk through Big Morongo Canyon Preserve, a vast and lush desert marsh in Sand to Snow National Monument. The Preserve features an abundance of traditionally edible and medicinal plants such as mesquite, sage, chia, spearmint, cattail, jojoba, yerba mania, buckwheat, and more. The workshop will explore linkages between what is know of traditional Native American plant uses, and the traditional uses of similar plants among native South American peoples. It will also feature tastings of some of these plants!

This event is co-hosted by Mojave Desert Land Trust and the Council of Mexican Federations.

Big Morongo Canyon Preserve is a natural spring-fed oasis rich in biodiversity due to its location in a transition zone between the high elevation Mojave Desert and low elevation Colorado Desert. It was once home to the Morongo band of Serrano Indians.