The Equity, Inclusion and Diversity Panel Discussion will help  introduce community members to diverse individuals working on a wide range of issues. Community members will share their own perspectives, and participants will have the opportunity to get to know agency staff in a casual, unofficial setting.

The event will open with remarks from  key speakers with experience and expertise in a range of topics generally focused around equity, inclusion, and diversity. Following that there will be a period for audience feedback before closing the event with a casual reception with agency staff from BLM, USFS, NPS, and FWS, and key representatives from other local non-profit partners like MDLT, FODM, Wildlands, AC, NPCA, CalWild, CLF, Sierra Club, and others.

The three-part event will offer a new perspective on everyday issues in Land conservation!

This event is co-hosted by COFEM, CalWild, NPCA, PLC, and CLF.